Aurora Robson's Recycled Plastic Sculpture


Aurora Robson makes her art, these whimsical sculptural pieces that are reminiscent of childhood nightmares, using discarded plastic bottles. She says "to me, making art is about recognizing and embracing new possibilities and encouraging others to do the same." She does this using junk mail and discarded plastic bottles to make sculptures that give a "positive spin, acceptance, balance" to objects with an otherwise "downwards trajectory".
[regarding] the work I've been doing with plastic bottles -- without my intervention, used plastic bottles have basically 2 options: becoming landfill, or maybe getting recycled. Junk mail shares a similar fate.

::via fiftyRX3 more installation shots there too ::Aurora Robson

Image: Heads or Tails• 2006, Discarded plastic bottles, rivets, tinted polycrylic, & monofilament

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