at the Interior Design Show: Castor Canadensis


Yesterday we alluded to our awful photography skills; we even borrowed a better camera and the results were worse, which is a shame because there was lots to see at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. For us the hit of the show was actually seeing the work of Castor Canadensis; we have covered the sauna box and the recycled tube light before. They have done some mods to the sauna box: castor4.jpg
Our favourite is the new control panel complete with (gasp) cigarette lighter and fur lined iPod holder.

Also new to us was their work in that great Canadian medium, soapstone carving. We loved this soapstone credenza:

castor 2.jpg

It is perhaps un-treehugger, because it is carved out of a single solid block of soapstone, an extravagant waste of material, but credit to them for the most interesting, intelligent and humourous booth in the show. Visit their updated website at


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