At A Clean Break: Interface Studio Architects

interface 100K house image

We have previously mentioned the exhibition of modern prefab, A Clean Break opening in Philadelphia on October 16; in addition to the WeeHouse and MiniHome, there is also an exhibition, including work by Interface Studio Architects, who designed the 100K House, which is most definitely not a prefab in the traditional sense.

site built vs prefab image

The builder of this house, Chad Ludeman of Postgreen, had a brief debate about the merits of prefab after his article in Jetson Green, with my response here in TreeHugger, and a response from Chad in the comments on the TreeHugger post.

isa accessible housing image

ISA's other work looks interesting too, like this " fully accessible, green, affordable housing for a northwest Philadelphia neighborhood. In a context of majestic, three-story townhouses we saw the one-story program requirement as a major hurdle to overcome. We developed the idea of a dynamic roof form which can extend the height of the one-story building with a sloping factory-like canopy that enhances daylighting with clerestories and directs runoff to a rain garden in the rear of the site." More of their work can be seen at ::A Clean Break

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