Astonishing Transformer Furniture (Video)

core 77 folding desk photo

Transformer furniture holds a lot of great promise: multi-function furnishings that really do multiple things well, thereby saving space and resources. But I'd wager that most of the designs we see do more to tingle the imagination than offer true practical utility. This questionable punching bag/love seat (from the same mind as the ping pong door) is a good example. As Rain Noe at Core77 observes, "...much of the supposedly space-saving furniture I've seen merely transforms from one thing to another, often in a very clumsy way; to me those objects do two things poorly rather than one thing well, and their novelty outweighs their functionality."
With this critical eye, the Core 77 folks shot this remarkable video at Resource Furniture in New York City (watch it after the jump). In it, the prez of Resource Furniture gives a great demo of the main brands they carry.

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