Assembling a Molecular Architecture: Mobile Dining

mobile dining photo

"Arising out of mutual interests in urban agriculture, community engagement and a belief in social value of sharing food, Mount Dennis Community Kitchen has joined forces with Masters of Architecture students at the University of Toronto to design and build a mobile community kitchen for the historic Mount Dennis neighbourhood."

Students at the University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design (full disclosure: my Alma Mater) built the mobile kitchen from recycled materials.

mobile table photo

It is made of three components: a table section

mobile cooking section photo

a cooking section

mobile waste distribution photo

and a recycling section.

mobile being installed photo

It doesn't look that easy to move around, but it does look like the Mount Dennis community has a great place to party.

mobile cooking in use photo

The project statement says "While it is unusual for a burgeoning community group to receive weekly architectural presentations, it is equally unusual for architectural students to have to interact with a real client in the form of a working community organization – and then deliver the project at full scale."

It is also unusual for architecture students to actually build things with their own hands, from recycled materials, that serve a useful purpose and respond to real needs. We need more of this.

More at ::Molecular Architecture via ::Design Shizen

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