Assemble your own flatpack slippers

I am a sucker for designs that can slide under a door; flatpack is a great technology that usually keeps costs down through efficient use of materials and cheaper shipping. The products are usually cheaper because the buyer supplies the time and effort to do the final assembly. That's why people schlep to IKEA and spend their weekends looking for missing screws and wrenches.

It's why I love the design of these Lasso slippers. Gaspard Tiné-Berès & Ruben Valensi have designed them to be made from one piece of all-natural felt; you simply fold them in half and lace them up. Clever.

They are also made in a sheltered workshop by people with disabilities. Nice.

But £27 (US$ 41.19)? Wow. The designers explain on the UK Kickstarter:

The Lasso are at a discounted price especially for this Kickstarter campaign, they will be slightly more expensive after the campaign. We have done everything to lower the price. By giving £27, you are paying for high quality 100% natural cotton, leather and felt; but you are also supporting the manufactory that is helping people with special needs. They are made in France, with love. :-)

Good design, limited runs, European manufacture and healthy materials often add up to costing more; see my articles On Knowing the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing to the left. But I thought flatpack design and end-user assembly was supposed to lower the cost of goods. I suppose it doesn't always work out that way. Oversubscribed at Kickstarter; perhaps it's the cute cat photo.

Assemble your own flatpack slippers
This is clever, mais quel prix! There is a reason people buy flatpack and assemble things themselves.

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