Ashes to Ashes, Dust to ...Toasters?

3d printed cremation toaster photo


We don't quite know what to do with human bodies. Putting them in the ground takes up a lot of space, and putting ashes in a jar is just so useless and boring. Dutch artist Wieke Somers has a better idea: she puts them into a 3D printer and turns them into something useful. The late Anne Lindeboom makes a rather nice looking toaster.The bird "represents life and death as it's reborn out of its own ashes. The toaster is mean to symbolize this incineration.

3d printed ashes vacuum photo

John Steegman was not so lucky; he has come back as a dung beetle and a vacuum cleaner. "dung, which could be seen as waste, is instead used by dung beetles for either food storage or a fertile ball to submit their eggs in, thus maintaining and producing life. the vacuum cleaner is meant to tell us about dust and waste in a repetitive process."

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