Artists Meet Architecture to Create Psycho Buildings

psycho architecture at hayward museum photo.jpg

This is what happens when ten artists from around the world are given the chance to create an architectural environment in a museum. It is art, and architecture and psycho. Each exhibit lets visitors become immersed in the spaces as they walk, climb, sit and wander through the art. The artists are from Europe and South America and Asia and their work is all very different in feel. The Korean has created a scale model of home in Korea crashing into his New York apartment. The German artist has made red and blue and orange paper walls that form a maze to wander through.

The outside projects include an outdoor lake, created on top of the roof of the museum (pictured). Visitors can line up to take a little row boat ride in this newly made waterway in the sky, with the London Eye and Houses of Parliament in the distance. The water seems to flow over the side of the building. The floating dock for the odd little boats was made from reclaimed timber and junk-store furniture. The handles of the oars came from legs of old chairs with brass castors. Delightful. Outside on the roof there is also a 30 seat cinema made out of plywood to watch videos.

exploding room at museum photo .jpg

Things get stranger inside...
The Cubans have created a one bedroom apartment that looks like it has been exploded, with all the furniture flying across the gallery. The piece is made from IKEA and B&Q; furniture painstakingly taken apart so that it looks like a fake explosion.

hayward-museum-psycho photo.jpg

Wild Man on the Loose.
The UK artist has taken an axe to one gallery so that it looks like it has been torn apart by an animal.


Doll Houses for Adults
The most touching display is Place (Village) by English artist Rachel Whiteread. She has created a town of suburban doll houses that look as if they were set on a hillside in the dark, all lit up. The houses are empty, as if abandoned and it feels very lonely and ghostly. The doll houses are part of the artist's collection which she started twenty years ago. :: Hayward Gallery

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