Artist Transforms Stuffy Old Lace Into Fantastic Street Art (Photos)

Photos: NeSpoon (via Behance)

If you associate hoodie-concealed men sporting spray cans with street art, think again. Think crocheted bicycles, yarn bombing and random acts of planting. To be sure, traditional urban art is dominated by men. But the last decade has seen the rise of a number of talented female urban artists whose diverse subject matter ranges from candy-colored caricatures to abstract shapes and constellations -- and whose tools range from spray paint to more unconventional means of expression.

From Poland comes urban artist NeSpoon, whose artistic focus is on the intricate patterns of lace, and breaking its granny stereotype by using it to beautify gritty urban spaces.

Based in Warsaw, Poland, NeSpoon calls her artistic approach the "jewellery of the public space":

Jewellery makes people look pretty, my public jewellery has the same goal, make public places look better.

NeSpoon often uses the usual spray paint and stencils of enlarged lace patterns to produce her works on the street.




But she also uses lace in more conventional ways, such as using them in hand-crafted webs strung up in trees, on the beach or inside abandoned buildings.





Then there is her speciality: the covert use of ceramics and sticking them on buildings in places where they don't look too out of place (most of the time) -- and even inside tree hollows.




NeSpoon's work defies categorization. Though it can be aligned with the renaissance of the 'new' street art of urban beautification -- her approach is more craft-oriented and also imposes the organic-ness and visual organization of lace onto the urban consciousness.


For more female urban artists, check out this PDF article from Cat Fight magazine, plus the artists Fafi, Klor and Aleteia (France), Empty and Nuria (Spain), Pax Paloscia and Microbo (Italy) and Swoon (US).

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