Artist Transforms Dumpster Into Deluxe One-Room Home (Video)

Screengrab from Youtube video by Kim Aronson

Luxury living in a dumpster with hardwood floors & amenities
In difficult economic times, many people are redefining their personal view of what "home" entails. Often, that redefinition means living with less, but making that "less" mean "more" -- whether it's smaller houses or more mobile lifestyles.

Gregory Kloehn, an artist based in Berkeley, CA is taking "home" to a whole new level in a project built out of his workshop. It's a dumpster he has retrofitted into a surprisingly comfortable home, complete with stainless steel kitchen, hidden toilet, electrical system, outdoor BBQ and a soon-to-be-installed television set. Check out this video tour of the dumpster home by local filmaker Kim Aronson:

This isn't the first remodelling job that 41-year-old Kloehn has done. In fact, according to Berkeleyside, he makes a living refurbishing old shipping containers into offices, studios and homes.

Describing this mini-home as the "the future of urban living" where "simplicity and luxury [is] optimized in [a] high end dumpster home," Kloehn explains the goal of his project in the video:

Just trying to break down what the home can be. What is it? What the components are... What do you need? Is it toilets and a kitchen and a roof? Or is it location? Or is it a house that expresses yourself? I don't know. I think for everyone it's a little bit different. But for me, I'm just trying to deconstruct what a home can be -- how can you turn different objects into a home - and see if I can put everything in that a home has inside of a dumpster, and if I can make it nice enough where perhaps someone would like to live in it.

It's like a shipping container, but even smaller. Best of all, Kloehn's dumpster home has a stealth option where he can crank up a shade to hide its tiny windows. The project, dubbed "Elite Waste," will be exhibited at San Fransisco's Fringe Festival from September 7 to 18.

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