Artist Circumnavigates Long Island In Handmade Rowboat


Image of Route by Marie Lorenz

Since 2005, Brooklyn based artist Marie Lorenz has explored NYC's waterways in her handcrafted rowboat made out of plywood. What initially started as a project called the Tide and Current Taxi has evolved and expanded. With the Tide and Current Taxi, Lorenz would take guests, often random strangers like me, who found her via her website on aquatic taxi trips in her rowboat. Marie would propel the boat using only the tides and currents and some human powered rowing. The first season she took people on short trips, for example she took some commuters from their homes to their offices. In recent years she took people out for longer excursions that were more whimsical or based on specific destinations. This past August, Marie embarked on the journey of circumnavigating around Long Island in her rowboat. Guests joined her on various legs of her trip. I was fortunate to join her on the last leg, on her way back to Brooklyn. Marie began the journey on August 1st, in the superfund site of Newtown Creek. From there she paddled down the East River, passing by the new Brooklyn waterfront parks and development, past Grand Ferry park, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Governor's Island. From there she rode under the Verrazano Bridge to Coney Island. From Coney Island she hugged the Bays and inlets along the South Shore of Long Island, passing by Jamaica Bay, Atlantic Beach, Jones Beach, Gilgo Beach, the Great South Bay and Fire Island. On the North Fork, she passed by Northport and Bayville. (You can check Marie's photographs and narratives of the trips at

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