Arteplas Recycled PET Ropes Divert Tons of Waste from Landfill

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These days I don't, alas, find myself at the outdoor trade shows I use to haunt. So I live vicariously through other reports. Here's the first from the recent Outdoor Retailer Winter Market held in Salt Lake City Utah.

The Outdoor Retailer website has lots of potential product leads, including one to a company I hadn't heard of previously. Arteplus are a Brazilian firm, who claim to be the largest producer of recycled PET ropes in the Americas. Apparently every month they take in 700 tons of discarded PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles for recycling from which they craft 550 tons of high quality rope for everything from sailing to clothes lines.

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Their 100% recycled PET (a form of polyester) ropes are said to be four times more resistant to abrasion and four time more resistant to Ultra Violet A & B rays than common polypropylene rope. And cheaper too.

Arteplas have independent analysis from a third party assessor showing that their recycling processes for rope use 70% less energy than ropes from virgin materials.

Their plant employing up to 400 local people produces ropes range from 4.7 mm to 51mm (3/16" to 2") in thickness for the following markets: transportation, fishing, agriculture, cattle, construction, sports, nautical services and domestic use.

In the US one of their representatives is the Rope Warehouse.

:: Arteplas.

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