Arms and Barnes: Upcycled Furniture from Farm and Factory

Arms and Barnes recycled furniture photo

Image credit: Arms and Barnes

Upcycled furniture is nothing new here at TreeHugger. From chairs made of reclaimed window blinds to furniture made from old water towers, the idea of taking something old and defunct and breathing new life into it is a beautiful manifestation of sustainability. The latest design house practicing material reincarnation to come our way is Arms and Barnes - makers of luxury furniture constructed from discarded factory and agricultural waste. Click below the fold for a video of their creative process. (It also raises a question about their carbon footprint.)Designer Andrea Porter collects pieces of beautiful discarded farm equipment and factory items, and recrafts them into enduring, luxury furniture items - mainly coffee tables and end tables. The video below shows how Porter takes these pieces and crafts them into new, sturdy and enduring pieces of furniture. More videos are available on the Arms and Barnes YouTube channel.

Of course the video also reveals the travel involved with some salvage materials (something I touched on in my post about whether antiques are green) - flying two gates in from Canterbury, England, and then transporting them - presumably from New York to Philadelphia and back - will undoubtedly have its own carbon footprint. (Although Andrea may have been traveling anyway, in which case much of the impact is negated.)

Either way - these pieces are beautiful items of furniture - and a great reminder that beauty can be found in the most utilitarian of items. Let's just hope they aren't all collected on international trips...

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