Argentine Innovar 2007 Prototypes: The Urban Bike


The exhibition of the finalists and winners of the 2007 Innovar national contest took place in Buenos Aires last week. This competition is open for everyone from designers to entrepreneurs; and intends to discover new products of national origin and partner the creators with companies in order to produce them.

We were very glad to find a few green designs among the finalists, since last year we spotted just two: the nexo car and the BCK solar kitchen. The first we're presenting this year is the RAD bike, a foldable bicycle by industrial designer and cyclist Jimena Gonzalez from Uno mas uno studio. As you can see, the bike is not thought to be small, but light and urban. "I use bikes a lot and go to work with them, but noticed other people less experienced couldn't do it. First, regular foldable bikes usually are hard to fold or at least not that clean: when you start doing it, you encounter the chain, wires and other things, and you might get to work with dirty hands or clothes.

Second, chains in general are exposed and you might get your pant with stains in the way", says the designer explaining the design. The plastic covering the chains and wires acts as protector and as a case when the bike folds. That is done with a single switch in the handle, which unlocks the front column with the wheel and allows to introduce it into the orange plastic case (picture in the extended). The result is a little big (a person's size) but nicer to the view than other bikes, if you want to leave it in the office or take it in a train.

Even though a prototype, Gonzalez wants to make it work, so if anyone is interested, contact her at jimena at estudiounomasuno dot com dot ar. ::Uno mas uno studio


The RAD bike, folded.

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