New Website about Sustainability


We were perhaps less than charitable when the AIA announced its call for a 50% reduction in fossil fuel use- after all, it is primarily a group of volunteer architects working to improve their profession and the work that is produced by it. Similar initiatives are being started by others as well- is a new website started by Edward Mazria, a Santa Fe architect who wrote the Passive Solar Energy Book. He teaches, and is taking a slightly longer term approach: "in our professional architecture and planning schools, we should require the establishment of a mandatory, full-year, innovative, studio-based program which promotes creative problem-solving relevant to climate change—one which incorporates a deep understanding of the relationship between nature and design in all core courses."- most architects know very little about sustainability and you have to get'em while they're young. Great choices in case studies, good resource lists, we wish them well. via ::Archinect