Architecture Week: How Green is Our Space?

Architecture Week is a celebration of architecture across the UK with tours, open houses, lectures and walks taking place. This year's theme is "how green is our space" and will feature highlights such as the creation of birdhouses by architects and Wind to Light (pictured). This is a light installation on the banks of the Thames River that will use mini wind turbines to generate energy to power tiny LED bulbs, creating firefly-like fields of light. Always popular is the "Architect in the House" event where homeowners get an hour's consultation with an architect in return for a donation; this year the focus will be on how to cut carbon emissions. In London an architect will be on call at a drop-in for people who want to find out their carbon foot print. He'll work out the carbon contribution if they bring along a month's worth of energy bills. For the curious (read snoops), there will be tours of a private eco home, architects' offices and BedZed. There will be an interactive session giving practical advice on running an energy and waste efficient workplace. In another, a panel of experts will each make a short presentation on greening the home and how their field of expertise can have an affect on energy consumption and climate change. :: Architecture Week

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