Architecture for Humanity

A few posts ago we mentioned the fine work of Habitat for Humanity and how they are responding to the Tsunami disaster. In a very similar vein is the efforts of Architecture for Humanity. Established 5 years ago to "promote architectural and design solutions to global, social and humanitarian crises". AFH work on the principle that the wealthy nations of the world have more than enough design talent, that they can well afford to share with those where such resources are thin on the ground. They believe "innovative, sustainable and collaborative design can make a difference." In the past they have consulted on projects such as earthquake recovery in Turkey and Iran, mine clearance and playground construction in the Balkans and refugee housing in Afghanistan. Obviously their attention is now focused in the north Indian Ocean. They have teamed up with WorldChanging to establish a fund to assist with the building of schools, infrastructure and medical clinics. Initially they set a target of $10,000 USD but this was quickly surpassed and now they are targeting $100,000 USD. Help them get there by donating @ ::Architecture for Humanity [by WM]