Architectural Cliché Goes Electronic and Green


How many times have we had that architectural cliché, the design on the back of a napkin, foisted on an unsuspecting public? Toronto got it with the almost universally reviled Royal Ontario Museum by Daniel Libeskind; napkin shown on left. Perhaps architecture will change, and many trees will be saved, when Avery Holleman's Napkin PC. goes into production. "The Napkin PC is designed for group collaborations. Each pen transmits your doodles to the base station which is a PC in disguise. That information gets processed and displayed on the napkin like e-ink paper."

Now architects can send their napkin sketches directly to the CAD monkeys and speed up the process of going from wine bar to rebar.


It's green and sustainable too.


Thanks to Avery for revolutionizing the profession. ::Yanko Design

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