Architects Versus Aesthetic Consultants


Cesar Chavez Library in Laveen, Arizona, Line and Space

TreeHugger has been criticized for ignoring quite a few green buildings that did not meet our particular biases about design; it can't just be green, but has to be interesting architecture as well. Philip Proefrock at Green Building Elements points us to an article in by Rebecca Henn, one of the jurors in the AIA/COTE awards covered in TreeHugger by Mairi here. She discusses how hard it was to pick the winners, and notes that "Our decision was not to select the ten "best" buildings. Instead, it was to select the ten best exemplars of sustainable design that currently on-the-boards work will be held to." and concludes with a message that all architects should heed: "Sustainability needs to be seen in our profession less as a technological fix reserved for the spec writers and engineers. Instead, it should be seen as our responsibility to society in exchange for the state-licensed monopoly we enjoy. If we don't hold both beauty and sustainability as equal cultural commitments, then we might as well hand over our licenses and call ourselves aesthetic consultants." ::Building Green