Architects Go After Infrastructure Investment

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The Architect is In- 5 Cents per Consultation

It's time for the once-per-decade joke:
What do you say to an architect with a job?
"Big Mac and Fries, Please"

Except this time it's really serious. And architects can play such an important role in helping create green jobs and green industries. Their pitch to the Government:

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"The inability to get financing for construction projects is a key reason that business conditions continue to be so poor at design firms," AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker said in a statement Wednesday. "It will be important to see what the proposed economic stimulus package incudes that is geared towards the construction industry, and how quickly developers who have projects on hold can get them moving again."

$700 million for a pilot grant program for state or local education agencies to develop model school campuses showcasing "21st century teaching and learning";

• $10 billion for federal building energy efficiency upgrades and modernization projects, with construction starting within 24 months of enactment;

• $10 Billion to state energy offices for energy efficiency upgrades to state and local buildings, residential, commercial, industrial and health care facilities, with construction starting within 24 months of enactment;

• At least $20 billion through Community Development Block Grant funding and $10 billion from Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funding for infrastructure projects promoting energy efficiency, with construction starting within 24 months;

• $12 billion in funding for transit facilities and operations, with construction starting within 24 months.

There is a lot more detail here, including plans for historic preservation and tax relief for business to encourage upgrades for energy efficiency. Of course I am biased, but this seems a lot more effective than paving roads. Read it all at the American Institute of Architects
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