Architect's Flat File Reincarnates As Coffee Table: REHAB Vintage Furniture

rehab vintage flat file coffee table
Bringing an architecture classic home (Images: Rehab Vintage)

Here's repurposed office furniture that architects and industrial-style aficionados alike will surely appreciate: a coffee table by Los Angeles-based REHAB Vintage made from an old flat file - a set of shallow, steel drawers used to store full-size architectural drawings that can still be found in some offices - now rescued for the limelight of the living room.

rehab vintage flat file coffee table detail
A clear piece of glass replaces the flat file's metal top, giving it an updated but still classic look while also allowing objects or artwork to be placed underneath. The rest of the drawers, which are designed to be shallow, are perfect for holding prints or other flat objects - definitely a coffee table made for a collector.

rehab vintage
Various rescued objects in REHAB Vintage's showroom

Formerly called Sonrisa Furniture, REHAB Vintage's impressive line of one-of-a-kind accessories, furniture and art pieces run the gamut from salvaged steel desks, steel basket gym lockers reclaimed from schools, signage, stainless steel medical instruments to more unique finds like a vintage propeller, silver ocean globes and jungle air roots. Many of their pieces undergo a process of "stripping the old finish and restoring the metal to reveal the streamline curves and hidden beauty of the mid-century steel office furniture." It's pricey, but even browsing their website can lend a lot of inspiration to any dedicated DIYer.

REHAB Vintage
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