Architects call for Reduction in Fuel Use and Greenhouse Gases



Our professional associations tend to follow rather than lead; imagine our surprise at learning that the American Institute of Architects is calling for minimum reduction of fifty percent of the current consumption level of fossil fuels used to construct and operate buildings by the year 2010. "Buildings account for forty-eight percent of U.S. energy consumption and generate far more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector," said R.K. Stewart, FAIA, facilitator of the AIA Sustainability Summit Task Force. "As architects, we must accept responsibility for our role in creating the built environment." As if architects have anything to do with what buildings cost and where they go. A brave challenge by the AIA; given its role in the profession and the profession's role in the industry, we fear it is a nice but empty gesture. ::AIA Press Release and then read the Sunday New York Times on Sprawl in Texas to see how the world really works.