Architects Build Gorgeous Mobile Police Box From Shipping Container Frame

mobile police station germany photo

Images credit Nils G√ľnther

This is different: Dezeen shows a police box in front of the Turkish Consulate in Hanover. The police used to sit in an old Volkswagen van, but an architect with the German firm Gesamtkonzept proposed something better, and surprisingly, they accepted the idea.

mobile police station germany photo

The architects write:

Because this police car is placed at an exposed location and did not look particularly attractive in the cityscape, Mr. Wilhelmsen had the idea of designing a new, modern solution for a mobile station. His claim here was both to create a high quality and mobile architecture, as well as to establish an open and transparent working place for the police officers, that also can be produced quickly and inexpensively.

mobile police station germany photo

With these ideas and a first feasibility study we approached the heads of the local police commissioner's office. Other than initially expected, the officials enthusiastically accepted the design, because they too were of the opinion that there was need for action concerning the old aged police bus.

mobile police station germany photo

Quickly they managed to overcome the bureaucratic, which often bar the way to project realization. Because all the responsible bodies indicated their approval we soon were able to carry on with the planning in close cooperation with the police to a ready for implementation state.

Amazing. In North America if you walked into a police station with a proposal like this, they would tell you to get lost, or worse. If they liked the idea it would go out for a proposal call for the lowest cost bidder. It would probably end up looking like this:


Image credit elite buildings

In Germany an architect can walk up to a cop shop and get a commission. More images at Dezeen.
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