Architects Build a Stunning "Oasis of Relaxation" And All Anyone Cares About Are Boobs And Bums

herri & salli flederhaus oasis photo

Photos credit Mischa Erben with permission from herri&salli;

Viennese architects herri&salli; have built the Flederhaus, a lovely "oasis of relaxation" in a Vienna park. This is not uncommon in Europe, to find places to relax and get out of the rain that you don't have to pay admission for. In America, there are different preoccupations. The kids at Gizmodo think that "it'd probably be run down with vagrants in no time," and "The best part is the view. It's a gigantic Tower of Boobs."

herri & salli flederhaus oasis photo

The architects write:

The FLEDERHAUS as an open space where the visitors can find a new home and it can again serve as an oasis of relaxation and a symbol of a vertical public sphere.

Because in Europe, they actually believe that there is a public sphere.

herri & salli flederhaus oasis photo

The architects extend an invitation to everyone:

The visible design of the FLEDERHAUS is dissolving itself when the visitors are using the inside as an open space and get to a new dimension of a public space. Despite its name, it's not full of bats, but a cluster of hammocks - COME IN AND HANG OUT.

herri & salli flederhaus oasis photo

Back in America, it's all about the bums and the boobs. Dvice writes:

I have two questions:

How are they going to keep from becoming a hangout for homeless people? And what's the deal with that giant tower of extreme boobiness next to it?

herri & salli flederhaus oasis photo

Actually guys, in a lot of the world, people take public space and public art really seriously, invest a lot in it, and even believe that helping to provide a roof over the head of someone who needs it is a good thing. And they don't giggle every time they see anything that looks like a boob.

herri & salli flederhaus oasis photo

Project Data:
Project name: Flederhaus - come in and hang out
Realisation: June 2011 Museumsplatz 1, A-1010 Vienna, Austria
Concept: heri&salli; Morizgasse 8/9A-1060 Vienna
In cooperation with: MQ Vienna, Griffner, Binderholz
Photo credits: mischa erben

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