Architects Build A Half-Scale Room Inside A Full-Scale Room: "It's Like Alice In Wonderland."

point supreme architects half room photo inside

Photos by Yannis Drakoulidis

Real estate developers often trick purchasers by filling model suites with special 7/8 full size furniture to make rooms look bigger. Now Point Supreme Architects are tricking art gallery patrons by building a room at exactly 1/2 full size, and putting it inside the full size room. We love showing small spaces, but usually one can stand up in them.

point supreme architects half room photo entry

The designers tell Dezeen that it is an art installation in Athens, Greece, and that "Every action takes on a double meaning. It is impossible to tell the actual scale of any action or thing."

point supreme architects half room photo exterior

Like a house in a house, visitors can move inside the real gallery and the model gallery. Like Alice in Wonderland they are normal in the former and gigantic in the later.

point supreme architects half room photo model

It is intriguing because questions of scale and proportion are so important to designing things for living in smaller spaces. It would be interesting to know what their plans are when the exhibit is over; it is made from blue foam, probably styrofoam XPS, which is often made with a blowing agent that is a serious greenhouse gas.

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