Architect Peter Strzebniok Enters the Green Modern Prefabricated Modular Chicken Coop Fray

Moop© Peter Strzebniok

There may be fifteen million empty houses for people in America, but the urban hipster chickens are seriously underhoused and in need of the services of a good architect. That's where Peter Strzebniok comes in; A pioneer of prefab for people with Nottoscale, he's bringing the best of green modern prefabricated modular flat pack construction to this burgeoning market.

Moop© Peter Strzebniok
Peter has pulled of a real coup with this coop; he explains that the Moop (modular coop) is the "architect designed prefabricated modular chicken coop for the design minded urban chicken."

The Moop is compact enough to fit in most backyards while being modern enough to make any chicken happy and every owner proud. It is spacious enough for four hens while having a very small footprint that only measures 2'x2' and can be outfitted with runs that measure 4'x2' on either side. The Moop is made of weatherproof plywood and treated redwood strips that form a ventilated screen around the nesting boxes and seamlessly transition into a solid roof that protects the inhabitants from the elements.

Moop sideview© Peter Strzebniok

Peter originally designed this as a Christmas present for his wife, applying the architectural principles that he uses in his day job:

Given our preoccupation with prefabricated architecture and design our intent was to create a chicken coop that incorporates the main advantages of prefabrication while reflecting this novel approach with a contemporary and flexible design.

Moop parts© Peter Strzebniok

However, so many people were interested that he is now setting up manufacturing the simple flatpack design. Congratulations to Peter for finally addressing the serious problem of meeting the real needs of urban hipster chickens with such a hensome solution. That's what architecture is all about.

Architect Peter Strzebniok Enters the Green Modern Prefabricated Modular Chicken Coop Fray
It is tough for architects out there these days, and they have to branch out into new fields, like the exploding world of chicken coops.

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