Architect Claims Reboot House Is Eco-Friendly

reboot house photo

Some might say that the whole concept of the single house in the middle of nowhere is unsustainable, but designer and architect Victor Vetterlien says his Reboot POD house is "self-sufficient and eco-friendly." The building is constructed with a space frame, and the outer skin increases structural strength through double curvature. The skin system consists of a vapor barrier, dense foam insulation, and metal sheathing where the exterior face is glazed in solar cell paint. The surface of the building serves as a solar energy collector."

reboot house model photo

Judging from that band of windows, it looks like his engineer was Geordi La Forge.

" Supplemental electricity is provided by on-site wind turbines and energy is stored in batteries on Deck 1. Wind power is also used to pressurize a large canister to operate the hydraulic elevator and the water treatment system."

10_section reboot house photo

" The smooth outer skin of the building acts as a foil against adverse weather conditions, and the rooftop serves as a water collection surface where rainwater runs into a drain located above the resin laminated glass windows. The water is stored in holding tanks positioned below the Main Deck and managed by an in-house water treatment system on Deck 2."


"Reboot is more than a proposal for a private residence. The design of Reboot incorporates twenty-first century advancements in computer aided design and construction, building science and technology, and environmental awareness and energy independence." ::Dezeen