Arbor Vetum reclaimed teak sofas

Based in Gloucestershire, UK, Arbor Vetum makes furniture within a strong commitment to save tropical forests that once produce the reclaimed teak they use : Arbor Vetum guarantees that each of their products is 100% made from carefully salvaged and reclaimed teak timbers without the need to cut down living teak trees.
And as such, Arbor Vetum goes beyond the usual FSC label that guarantees a respectful exploitation of forests : Arbor Vetum is actually known as the first company in the world to have been awarded the FSC Recycled label Certificate for wooden products.

One of the company's pride is the quality of the teak it can find from old colonial buildings, such as this old 1904 French Military Hospital : in their opinion early 20th Century structures provide the best teak ever found.

Arbor Vetum's product line factory has something for every room of your house or business : indoor, outdoor, and also swimming pool and professionnal furniture for restaurants and reception areas.

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