Après le Déluge, What Kind of Housing?

harrison pitt image

Harrison Pitt Architects, larger image here

UK Insurance company Norwich Union held a design competition to "see how architects would tackle the problem of building on flood plains in a liveable, workable and insurable way." Now perhaps Rule One might be that you don't build on flood plains, but if you have to build single family houses with Land Rovers in the driveway and Kayaks in the garage for backup, this is how you might do it.

Some, like Harrison Pitt, shown above, have designed New Survivalist dream houses with water tanks, photovoltaics, terraces to grow and dry food, everything but a gun rack.

levitate architects image

Levitate Architecture & Design Studio Ltd. larger image here

Others look quite bucolic, no dead cows floating in the water or anything.


Nissen Adams LLP. Larger image here

One of the four winners. No explanation given why. Archicentral notes:

It emerged that three basic design strategies to mitigate the flood risk were evident :
• firstly to raise the house and sometimes also the surroundings above the flood level;
• secondly to allow part or all of the house to float in the event of a flood;
• thirdly to try to prevent the water from entering the house and/or to accept that water might enter the house, arranging the layout to allow continuous use and designing the interior to be resilient.

hopper image

Hopper Howe Sadler Larger image here

See them all at the Flood Design Competition, via ArchiCentral
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