Apple Talks About Building Green


Could it be that US televison's PBS is drinking a certain shade of Kool Aid? Previously we reported on their Global Warming series. Then about a possible planned series called Build It Green. And more recently on the program commencing in June: E2 — the economies of being environmentally conscious — narrated by Brad Pitt and commencing with an episode on eco-design. On top of all that comes what appears to be yet another series. Apple Computer are currently profiling an apparent 13-episode PBS series to be known as "Building Green." It chronicles the 18 month journey of building a green house in Santa Barbara. While the Apple profile (they used Macs and Apple software to make the documentary) might tout the house as "greener than a leprechaun's shamrock" it does come in on the mansion side of the equation, strawbales, photovoltaics and natural paints not withstanding. Yet to the series makers credit they do say: "The greenest thing you can do is remodel the place you have." And to this end the show has 'Easy Steps' segments for those of us unlikely to be constructing anything of the scale shown in the feature house. For as the producer explains "More people are embracing sustainable living. It's not just a fringe thing any more." ::Building Green, Via Apple Computer.