Apple Solar Charger for iPhones...with Removable Leaves!

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I have to admit, I love this concept. Most solar chargers are pretty boring. Yes, the more functional and compact-but-efficient, the better. But this whimsical design by Greendix looks really fun and useful. It is geared toward iPhones and so is of course a white apple, but with lovely solar-powered leaves. I can easily see it resting in the sunny window of every fanboy apartment. Greendix (the design company that also brought us the rather odd solar-powered soccer ball) states, "Greendix's apple-shaped solar dock for the cell phone has mini-USB connectors as the apple's "stem" that make plugging and unplugging the solar leaves a simple task. These solar leaves recharge the included1800mAh battery in the dock. This battery in turn can recharge the cell phone when it is connected to the dock and away from an electrical outlet. ...These apples can later be used to recharge any consumer device via a USB port."

Apparently it will also sanitize your device while charging. A little odd, but not a bad idea since gadgets can get kinda goober-y during the day.

The USB-attached leaves can be used to directly charge a device as well:

apple solar charger image

I love that idea -- it means you can just pluck a leaf and go, not needing to worry about bringing the whole charger if you're traveling.

I have serious doubts that we'll ever see this come to market, but I think it's a fun and clever use of solar power and brightens up the pool of solar charger concepts we usually see. But who knows, with off-grid cell phone chargers set to be a multi-billion dollar market, perhaps I'll be proven wrong and this concept will get the funding it needs to make it to store shelves.

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