Ant Farm on Exhibition in Seville


Ant farm was a group of artists and architects that, along with Archigram, was hugely influential among architecture students in the seventies, particularly if you were into mobile architecture, alternative technologies and dovetail joints. Many know about their Cadillac Ranch, which remains an iconic statement about the end of oil as it was in the last oil crisis; few, including Regine at Worldchanging know about their other work. However she does now, after seeing an exhibition of their work at the The Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo in Seville.


They always picked over-the-top names, so this is the "House of the Century" built out of ferrocement in a recognizable form. Watch the trippy video; I thought this was the best film of architecture since the Fountainhead when I first saw it in school. I had no idea that this classic has been a ruin since the mid '80s.

Much more at ::Worldchanging

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