Another Way To Hang Your Bike on the Wall: The KAPPO from Mikili

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Earlier this year I did a slideshow of 10 Ways To Hang Your Bike On The Wall Like A Work Of Art that could have been 11 ways, had I known about the KAPPO from Mikili. Like those others, it kills a couple of birds with one stone:

  • They give you an elegant way to store your bike inside in small spaces;
  • They display your pride and joy artfully;
  • They often have additional storage for your helmet or your keys;
  • They just look lovely.
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It is a simple design, with a little recess lined with felt where the bike sits.

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Here is a nice touch: a little felt and velcro band to keep your wheel from turning and marking your wall. The designers write:

KAPPÔ makes a clear design statement in your room and provides plenty of storage space for your helmet, lock, magazines, or camera. In addition, KAPPÔ looks brilliant even when your bike is not hanging on the wall. The recessed protective felt overlay holds your treasured frame securely in place without scratching it, and the simple installation instructions make hanging it on your wall a breeze. To ensure that your front wheel stays in place, we include a practical felt strap with every order. KAPPÔ is manufactured in a social workshop in Berlin.

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Another Way To Hang Your Bike on the Wall: The KAPPO from Mikili
Why hide your bike away when you can put it on display?

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