Another Urinal That Feeds Plants With Pee

green piss urinal image

Image credit: Aya-Kaya Sustainable Design

When I wrote about a public urinal that feeds plants with pee, designer Aya Tager emailed to tell me about her own concept for a similar system that would offer pleasant, odor-free and waterless public urinals that, again, would use urine to water and fertilize a variety of plants. Read on to check out more images.The Green Piss concept, created by Aya and her colleague Maya Bach, was intended to alleviate the social problems of public urination through low maintenance, resource efficient and energy independent urinals in open spaces like parks or parking lots. The problem, says Aya, is not coming up with a concept, but "finding a municipality that will realise it's a great thing to develop".

Featuring coated interior surfaces to minimize odors and cleaning, LED lighting, a removable filter to reduce acidity and odor of urine, and planters that are watered with urine—the systems are also energy and water independent by means of a solar panel mounted on top of the unit. The urinal itself is also designed for unisex use—no female pee accessories needed.

Here's another view of this interesting looking concept:


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