Anni Rapinoja: Wardrobe of Nature


Wardrobe of Nature is about the naturally occurring variations of nature, and humans as a part of nature. Anni uses plants to make clothing, shoes, bags etc for people in a very beautiful way. The works vary, with some the shape is taken from the human world, and others nature is the driving force.

Anni Rapinoja is a Finnish environmental activist and artist, whose work explores Government decision making for the environment and the overlooked/forgotten fact that humans actually need the environment and are part of the whole eco system. Anna sees art as a strong way to affect change. Her new work 'Wardrobe of Nature' series will be at Arte Sella in Val di Sella (comune di Borgo Valsugana, provincia di Trento) June 30th to September 30th, 2007.


Image: Coat of mother earth, 2006. From Wardrobe of Nature series, made from the Common reed. Copywrite(c) Anni Rapinoja.

Top image: Green start, 2005. From Wardrobe of Nature series, made from Red worthleberry or Lingon – Cowberry. Copywrite(c) Anni Rapinoja.

::rapinoja ::via Abigail Doan

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