Annals of More Useless Crap We Don't Need: Neosporin Travel Tote


Most Americans are familiar with Neosporin, that antibiotic salve that keeps sliced-up body parts from rotting off and cluttering the living-room floor. The brain trust at Johnson & Johnson, to spread the gospel of this magical ointment, decided to market a promotional version that comes in a little Bandaid-storing red plastic tote. With a dainty handle. "Presumably," writes Chris Colin, TreeHugger reader and San Francisco Chronicle writer, "so you can swing the thing to and fro between your thumb and forefinger en route to a miniature picnic."

Or wave it about like a bell as if to signal "looook what Iiiii've gotttt," because to a person with a bloodied hand jammed up the paper-towel dispenser, this will be like Christmas. ::San Francisco Chronicle