Angela Adams' Sustainable Collection


TreeHugger has seen the work of Angela Adams before, and though we're pleased that she's a member of the Rugmark Foundation (working to end child labor and increase social equity and education in Asia's carpet industry -- mentioned in more detail here), her use of materials left a little bit to be desired. Happily, this is something she's remedied with her new collection, created in collaboration with Architex. Aptly named "Sustainable", it's a line of 11 textiles (each available in up to nine colorways) created with a sleek modern sensitivity with 100% post-industrial recycled polyester. Intended for the trade in high traffic areas, like hospitality, health care, education and retail, they're durable, beautiful options for upholstery and other textile uses. Check out more examples and get details on each design at the Sustainable collection site. ::Architex via ::Fabulously Green