Andy Warhol Gets Recycled with Fuse Soup Can Lights

recycled soup can warhol lighting photo campbell soup

There is something so iconic about a Campbell soup can, particularly after Andy Warhol got hold of them. Now William Heefer of Fuse has recycled pop art into light fixtures. He collects the industrial sized cans from restaurants and cafés in Dublin and " celebrates the cross over between popular culture and sustainability."

recycled soup can warhol lighting photo

Also available in Heinz baked beans.

One can question the commitment to sustainability when they sell the thing for 90 euros ($113.50) with a 40 watt incandescent bulb; at that price they should include an LED. The ceiling rose is made of a tuna can. But they are cute and cheaper in groups of three. See them at FUSE, and on Facebook.
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