Andrew Maynard's Suburb-Eating Robots


Andrew Maynard asks the question of how suburbanites will live without gas."Where will suburbanites live when there is no other means of circulation to their homes? What will we do with our abandoned and decaying suburbs? And most importantly, what will we do with the 50% of Australians that are over-weight due to car dependence and a sedentary lifestyle?"

His answer: the CVO8 robot. Myninja tells us that it's "like a late night infomercial on steroids: it slices, it dices, it consumes entire towns - and it even cleans up after itself. The satirical hexapod will descend upon the suburbs, gathering the abandoned homes and cars through it’s front legs, crushing everything in its path and packaging it neatly for recycling. The CV08 then releases new flora+fauna through the middle legs, immediately populating the newly reclaimed land.


"Lastly, the rear legs of the CV08 will serve as a means of power-collection: they pull chubby Australian suburbanite stragglers up into a liposuction chamber, which draws out all of their excess fat [which then powers the CV08]. The now trim Aussies are then shot out of the backside [read: ass] of the robot, parachuting down to safety - along with a brand new bicycle constructed from recycled suburbs.

Think of all the time + money this will save people on painting their McMansions, mowing the lawn, and going to the gym."


Read a good interview of Andrew Maynard at ::myninjaplease and see the ::pdf here


great video too.

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