Andrew Maynard's Mash House Lands In Backyard

mash house andrew maynard architect photo exterior

Images by Kevin Hui via Andrew Maynard Architects

TreeHugger Best of Green Young Architect Andrew Maynard is building a body of interesting work in Australia; the latest is the Mash House, an addition and renovation. With its curved base and top, it looks like it was just dropped there, but in fact was very carefully knitted into the existing building.

mash house andrew maynard architect photo structure

Andrew is generous with his images and stingy with words here, so we are reading drawings and the interpretations of Geoff Manaugh at BLDGBLOG, but this drawing shows the extent of the work.

mash house andrew maynard architect photo addition

Is that really grass inside the house?

mash house andrew maynard architect photo kitchen end

The start of the connection to the living/dining/kitchen addition to the rear, with a mile long counter running through it.

mash house andrew maynard architect photo interior

Geoff describes it as "gloriously retro-colorful."

There will, no doubt, be a green story here, told with humour. We will update when we hear it. Lots more pictures at Andrew Maynard Architecture

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