Andrew Maynard's Corb 2.0: Archigram Reborn


It is everything Archigram was forty years ago; an exciting, original revisit of how we treat where we live, how we define real estate. Imagine moving our houses around according to our activities, our whims, our friends, our crying babies. Imagine everyone being the penthouse and the next day being on the ground floor. It is most definitely not a container project (Andrew agrees with this treehugger that their porportions suck) but he says: Ever wanted to live in the penthouse every now and then? Want to get away from your annoying neighbour with the big stereo and bad music taste? Want to have a party without disturbing others? You want a different view every now and then? Corb V2.0 gives you the opportunity. A wind powered travel crane will move your unit either randomly or according to request, giving everyone in the building equal rights to a piece of the best view, the best garden access. Real estate as we know it is turned on its head.

Even the graphics are pure archigram, comic strip presentation of talking containers saying "why do architects keep trying to squash houses into containers? Container dimensions are terrible. Why not design a kickass apartment and use all of the other fun toys that we find on docks to help deal with the many troubling issues that the modern visions of dense housing have difficulty addressing?


The housing can be rearranged according to circumstance or even appearance; It all moves around a big courtyard lined with service links and corridors for circulation. If you get really tired of your neighbours (or get a new job somewhere else) you just ship your house to it and plug into another ring.


They have taken Archigram's Plug-in City and made it reality by using common container handling equipment and adapting it to humans instead of adapting humans to containers. It is beyond brilliant. Best. Idea. of the Year. ::Andrew Maynard via ::Arkinetia

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