Andrew Maynard Says We Should Spend More To Build Less

andrew maynard pallet house model

TreeHugger favourite architect Andrew Maynard (Our 2010 Best of Green Young Architect) is at it again, looking for new, greener and more economical ways to build.

He writes in Green Magazine that people want more house for less money, but he says we should be spending more money on less building.


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The ethical and sustainable thing to do is to have high per square metre rates, local materials, more efficient material and structure, high performance insulation, high performance glazing, designing towards the sun. Big houses dislocate our living spaces. Big spaces separate us. Big spaces waste resources and cause us to disproportionately increase our consumption of electricity, water, toilets, TV's, bathrooms & furniture.


Typical Pallet Racking

Looking for a more economical way to build, Maynard investigates pallet racking as an option. This is used as an industrial storage system and is strong and cheap.

AMA's palette [sic] racking house is about creating big, rich space in a small footprint. Palette racking house is also about affordability. The biggest cost in all of our projects is structure. 2 big factors contribute to this cost - labour and materials. At AMA we challenged ourselves to find a mass produced, readily available structure, that was cost effective. We chose palette racking, a highly engineered and efficient structure, that is incredibly affordable and looks great.


Maynard then clads the pallet structure with a composite styrene panel, another system designed for industrial uses, including walk-in-coolers.

We simply pin our composite styrene panels to our palette racking structures and we have completed walls and roof instantaneously. Efficiency equals affordability.

You will never run out of storage space when your walls are build out of pallet racks. Another interesting idea from Andrew Maynard, via his tweet @AndrewMaynard

suburb eating robot

Andrew Maynard's Suburb eating roboty

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