Andrew Maynard on Sustainable Design

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Photography by Peter Bennetts

We have long been fans of the work of Australian architect Andrew Maynard,(doing nine posts!) who does smart, green work with a sense of humour. The always gorgeous Sanctuary Magazine covers his latest, a renovation in Melbourne, Australia, and interviews him about his philosophy of sustainable design. He quotes as well as he designs; some of the better ones:

andrew maynard architect australia melbourne renovation interior photo

"Sustainability is like teenage sex. Everybody says they're doing it, very few people actually are doing it. Those that are doing it are doing it badly."

andrew maynard architect australia melbourne renovation hall photo

hall turned into office
"I don't subscribe to the idea that you can demolish a perfectly good house to put up a four- bedroom six-star house, add a solar array and a few other 'green gadgets' and call it sustainable. Or that you can add a 'green' extension to an existing dwelling that is perfectly big enough, and call it sustainable."

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"If a renovation, extension or new build is necessary, then think small and think strategic. Never confuse small with cheap. It's better to get a budget and spend it on something small that is designed extremely well than use the same budget spread thinly over a large area that performs badly."

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