Andrea Zittel Wins Frederick Kiesler Prize

In the very early days of TreeHugger I declared Andrea Zittel to be our role model:

We talk often about living with less but artist Andrea Zittel does more than talk- she lived six months in one dress; designs remarkable furniture; has created a series of intricate folding living units that challenge every notion about multifunctional furniture; has created living pods and stations on her property that blow away most of our beloved modernist prefabs.

Andrea Zittel© Andrea Zittel

Now she has been awarded the 8th Austrian Frederick Kiesler Prize for Architecture and the Arts “for outstanding achievements in the field of architecture and the arts that conform to Frederick Kiesler’s experimental, innovative conceptions and his theory of correlated arts”.

Andrea at Pitti Palace© Andrea Zittel

From the press release:

The international jury of the Kiesler Prize for Architecture and the Arts 2012 pays tribute to Andrea Zittel as a “leading artist at mid-career, who is both influential and somewhat under-recognized. Based in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California, Zittel takes an expansive approach to art and space making, creating social sculptures that traverse boundaries between art, architecture, design and technology.

Indy Island© Indy Island/ Andrea Zittel

The jury selected her primarily for her experimental and innovative work that has extended the dialogue of contemporary art and ideas. In the spirit of Frederick Kiesler, her work is both intellectual and yet deals with real life situations and occurrences. Zittel's sculptures and spatial installations transform everything necessary for life - such as eating, sleeping, bathing, and socializing - into artful experiments and scenarios for new ways of living.”

Wagon Station© Wagon Station/ Andrea Zittel

We have been chasing Andrea Zittel since 2005 and she continues to inspire and challenge us to think about different ways of living. See our previous posts in related links, to the left. More on the big prize here.

Andrea Zittel Wins Frederick Kiesler Prize
The award recognizes artists who are "under-recognized", but Andrea is well-known to TreeHuggers

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