An Unusual Use for Scissors in New Delhi

teaser buddah statue photo

Photos via Nylon

We have a riddle for you, what is big, boxy, trendy, and makes use of more scissors than you can shake a stick at?

Stuck? You mean, that photo doesn't help??

Click through to find out about this pretty amazing thing in New Delhi, IndiaAt the uber upscale Emporio Mall in New Delhi, India, shoppers aren't the only thing looking sharp.

emporio mall india photo

The space is made of scissors - a whole, whole lot of them - and features some cool decorations. (Mystery teaser photo unveiled...)

buddah made of scissors photo

Besides having scissor walls, scissor doors, scissor windows, and scissor hangers, the store also has several sculptures of scissor art.

Soon they’ll be available for purchase in LA.

We're not sure if they're recycled scissors, but it'd be smart, and probably cheaper, if they were.

Via Nylon
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