An Original System Lets You Design the Shelving You Want, No Tools Needed

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Images Courtesy of Philip Ganter

In homes where saving space is key, shelves have to accommodate everything from televisions and stereos to photos and the occasional wine rack. That means they need to be versatile, and German designer Philip Ganter's HXWXD design is up to the challenge. It's a shelving system that you put together however you want, so it fits any space, and anything you can think to put on it.

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HXWXD stands for "height by width by depth," underlining the fact that you decide its dimensions. It's made of panels of 8mm laminate that comes in three different sizes that are held together by plastic connectors. And it takes its place in that wonderful world of no tools needed flat pack furniture.

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The adaptability of Ganter's design also means that the shelves are easily transported. So if you're moving, just take them down, throw them in the car or on the back of your bike, and pop them back together at the new place.

Ganter says that HXWXD "stands for simplicity in an increasingly complicated world." It's the kind of work that is great for living a low-impact, low-consumption, well-designed and fulfilling life.

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