An Organic, Panoramic Bird Feeder Hugs Trees


Photos Courtesy of NOS

If you like having birds around your garden, and don't need a bird feeder that fights crime and aren't in the mood to make one yourself, there's a great new model from design firm NOS. Made from organic materials, the 360° Fly-in wraps around a tree trunk, giving you a view of birds feeding from any angle. And as Agustín Otegui Saiz at NOS points out, it's literally a tree hugger.


The design is quite simple: two flat disks of different sizes each wrap around a tree trunk (adjustable according to circumference, though there's a limited range). Held together by two small screws each, the disks form a bird feeder that's easy to install and uninstall. It's a flat pack design: looking at the images, it seems that the whole thing could fit in a large envelope.

And there's no damage to the tree, so feel free to move it as many times as you want. While I'm not sure if a few nails are all that devastating, at least you know you won't hit your thumb with the hammer.


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