An Indoor Mini-Oasis for Harried Office Workers

offecct oasis green islands jean marie massaud image

French designer Jean-Marie Massaud's "Green Islands." Image: Offecct.

It won't quite replace the feeling of lying on the grass underneath a big shade tree, but office workers and others needing a respite in the middle of the day would likely welcome a Swedish design firm's concept for a "green island" that brings a bit of the great outdoors inside.Part of a new collection of products by Offecct, a company that describes itself as striving to meld "Scandinavian design tradition and ecological values," the circular and square "Green Islands" are the creation of French designer Jean-Marie Massaud:

Green Islands can be described as kind of a divan with space for vegetation, and by integrating a higher plant inside Green Islands, a relaxing feeling of sitting as under a tree is created. The key is that the vegetation is part of the furniture. Green Islands can be described as an island -- or a kind of a refuge -- that when placed in a public interior invite you to a moment of contemplation or a quiet conversation.

offecct oasis green pedestals front image

A sketch of how to integrate 'Green Pedestals' into a workplace. Image: Offecct.

Like the other products in the "Oasis" line introduced at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Massaud's "islands" are meant to provide what Offecct calls "added value through a planned use of vegetation in public interiors." The "Green Pedestals" by the design group Front can be used as room or desk dividers, while Italian designer Luca Nichetto's "Green Pads" -- inspired by Monet's paintings of water lilies -- can be grouped together to create the sense of a larger object of greenery.

In addition to looking cool, integrating flowers and plants into the work environment has been found to improve indoor air quality, absorb noise, help reduce stress, and even improve workplace motivation and efficiency.

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