An Adjustable Book Shelf Lets You Put Your Own Spin On Your Living Room


Images: DesignJoo

From South Korean design studio DesignJoo comes the Giro One, the piece that lets you put your own spin on your shelves, lighting, and side tables. The concept is simple: shelves can be added and their height adjusted by spinning them up or down a central pole, at whose top are fixed two LED lamps. Set a shelf low enough, you've got a side table. Need more space for your library? Add on a few more shelves, and you've got a full, three-way bookshelf.


At TreeHugger, we love furniture that can adjust, transform and multitask, and look cool doing it. The Giro One isn't a great space saver; the downside of the three-way shelves is that to use them, you can't tuck the thing into a corner. And it looks like you can't turn the shelves without changing their height, risking messing up the whole feng shui of the room. But it's still a cool design, which lets you change up the design of your living room without buying new furniture, or even dragging it around.


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