Amron Experimental Turns Your Toothbrush Into A Drinking Fountain

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We are big fans of Scott Amron; see the related links to the left for all of the things we have shown before. Five years ago, Collin wrote about his Brush & Rinse toothbrush, quoting the designer:

No one should be using disposable cups for rinsing after brushing. No one should have to wash a glass or cup every time they rinse. No one should have to lap water from their hand. No one should be forced to slurp excess water from toothbrush bristles. Current methods of getting water into our mouths are sloppy, create waste, and place unnecessary stress on our bodies. And, people love water fountains.

Now he has brought it to market, with a couple of tweaks and enhancements; notably, the head is now removable and replaceable. I have a few problems with it; when you watch the video, you see that a lot of water is wasted. A lot of disgusting toothpaste gunk is going to get trapped behind the head.

But my real issue is that Scott is absolutely right in his quote above, nobody should have to use disposable cups or lap water from their hands, because nobody should have to use the awful sinks and faucets that are in every bathroom.

kira sink image

Fifty years ago Alexander Kira designed a sink that shot the water up like a drinking fountain, and had it fall in the middle in a way that made the sink self-cleaning.

Instead, we have taps that flow right into the drain so the rest of the bowl is covered with crap, we have no provision for drinking so Scott has to address a problem than shouldn't exist. That is the real issue here.

Amron Experimental Turns Your Toothbrush Into A Drinking Fountain
Scott Amron's latest is a response to a problem that shouldn't exist.

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